• Types of Photography and Their Explanations that You Need to Know

    Photography is a method of producing an image or photograph of an object by recording the reflection of light on the object. The light factor is the most important element in the art of photography. Photography is an absorption of the English word “photography” which comes from the Greek words “photos” (light) and “grapho” (painting/writing)….

  • Welcome to Jo Blair Photography Website!

    Hi, I’m Jo, thank you for visiting my website. I’m a signature Photographer specialising in People (‘expression’)¬†Photography. I’ve recently returned to my wonderful home town (and loving it!) after living in Melbourne for 15 years where I trained and began my Photography career. “LIKE” my Jo Blair Photography Facebook page for special offers, discounts and…

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! This year I have made the decision to focus on our home decor / lighting business (AssembLIT) and as such will be hanging up my cameras for the foreseeable future. Thank you for the wonderful support over the years. So many memories captured for you and a world of personal growth for…

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